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Tenders Archive

Title Division Due date
Multidrive Rheometer Dept. of Chemical Engineering 11 Nov 2019
Pumps For UHV Sputtering Chamber Metallurgic Engg. & Material Science 7 Nov 2019
Photonic Curing System Energy Science and Engineering 4 Nov 2019
High Speed Camera Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 1 Nov 2019
Peptide Synthesizer Chemistry department 31 Oct 2019
Environmental Test Chamber Energy Science and Engineering 25 Oct 2019
Multi material 3D Printer Metallurgical Engg. and Materials Science 24 Oct 2019
Sputtering System Metallurgic Engg. & Material Science 23 Oct 2019
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer Earth Sciences Department 23 Oct 2019
Housekeeping work contract of Academic area (Department, Centers, Sections, Workshops & Administration bldgs) and its surrounding area in IIT Bombay. PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICE 23 Oct 2019
AUTOMATED DNA/RNA SYNTHESIZER Chemistry Department 22 Oct 2019
UV/VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer Energy Science & Engg. 16 Oct 2019
Turbo and Rotary Pump with Vacuum Sensor Dept. of Energy Science and Engineering 14 Oct 2019
Benchtop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR) Dept. of Chemical Engineering 14 Oct 2019
Dismantling of balconies (facing south side) and providing new aluminium windows and external plaster in all wings of Hostel No.02 ESTATE OFFICE 14 Oct 2019
Resurfacing of C-Type road from K. V. Sanghathan office to C Type 9 & 12 and various other roads in IITB campus and including road profile correction at SAMEER slope ESTATE OFFICE 14 Oct 2019
Multiplexed Imaging Cell Analysis System Dept. of Chemistry 11 Oct 2019
Continuous Flow Glass Microreactor Dept. of Chemistry 4 Oct 2019
E- Tender For U V Visible Spectrophotometer IDP/Climate Studies 4 Oct 2019
Volumetric Gas Analyzer System Energy Science & Engg. 1 Oct 2019