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Tenders Archive

Title Division Due date
N2 Generator with Compressor Chemistry Department 13 Mar 2020
Purchase of new Components for Pundit Lab Ultrasonic Instrument for measurement of Acoustic Emissions at in-situ conditions of temperature and pressure. Earth Science Dept. 13 Mar 2020
Broadband Seismograph Department of Earth Science 13 Mar 2020
Capillary Rheometer Dept. of Chemical Engineering 12 Mar 2020
Research- Grade Multimodal Bio-signal Electroencephalography Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences 12 Mar 2020
Vacuum Casting System for Medical Applications Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 12 Mar 2020
4 Stage Semi-Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment BETiC Lab 11 Mar 2020
Furnace Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 11 Mar 2020
Gas Chromatograph - Triple Quodrupole Mass Spectrometer (GC MS/MS) Dept. of Earth Science 11 Mar 2020
Advertisement for PG/ Ph. D Admission 2020 Academic Section 11 Mar 2020
3D Printer Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 9 Mar 2020
Upgradation of Compute Node Type - 1 Physics Department 6 Mar 2020
Two Wheeler Simulator Dept. of Civil Engineering 6 Mar 2020
MP160WSW data acquisition and analysis system IDC School of Design 6 Mar 2020
3yr AMC for Extreme Network Switches Computer Centre 6 Mar 2020
TLC Interfaced Mass Spectrometer Dept. of Chemistry 4 Mar 2020
Gas Chromatography System Department of Earth Science 2 Mar 2020
Upgradation of transient absoption spectrometer Dept of Electrical Engg.,IIT(B) 2 Mar 2020
Upgradation of Computer Node Physics Department 2 Mar 2020
High voltage power supply unit for VERSA 520 Mechanical Engineering 2 Mar 2020