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Tenders Archive

Title Division Due date
Facility for simultaneous Stereo PIV with Laser Induced Phosphorescence-based Whole Field Velocity and Temperature Measurements Dept. of Mechanical Engg. 21 Nov 2017
3D Laser Lithography System Dept. of Bioscience and Bioengineering 21 Nov 2017
Circular Dichroism Spectrometer Chemistry Department 21 Nov 2017
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscope with Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Chemistry Deptartment 20 Nov 2017
TCSPC Based Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer Chemistry Department 20 Nov 2017
20 Nm Rotary Bending Fatigue Machine Dept. of Mechanical Engg. 17 Nov 2017
Digital Image Correlation (DIC) System Mechanical Engineering Dept. 16 Nov 2017
Mechanical Testing System Dept. of Mechanical Engg. 15 Nov 2017
Allotment of 11 Nos. shops ESTATE OFFICE 14 Nov 2017
Demolition of H1-BB building at lakeside area. ESTATE OFFICE 14 Nov 2017
Donor Management System Software Dean (ACR) 31 Oct 2017
Screen Printer Electrical Engineering 10 Oct 2017
Purchase of Silicon Bronze for Murals Industrial Design Centre 6 Oct 2017
3 Molecular Beam Epitaxy system (MBE) Electrical Engineering 5 Oct 2017
BELT Furnace (without dryer) Electrical Engineering 4 Oct 2017
Empanelment & Annual Rate Contract of suppliers for Stationery Items Materials Management Division 18 Sep 2017
InGaAs Camera Electrical Engineering 13 Sep 2017
Housekeeping work contract for all Hostels and residential area in IIT Bombay. Public Health Office 11 Sep 2017
Battery Fabrication Line Dept. of Energy Sc. and Engineering 4 Sep 2017
Annual Rate Contract for Supplying & Regilling of Various Gases & Gas Cylinder Materials Management Division 4 Sep 2017