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Tenders Archive

Title Division Due date
CoPT Project Monitoring Website Dept. of Aerospace Engineering 8 Jan 2020
Inverted Optical Microscope Chemistry department 6 Jan 2020
Microscopy Cryostat System Physics Engineering 6 Jan 2020
Power Elecrtonic Stack Dept of Energy Science & Engineering 3 Jan 2020
Optical Emission Spectrometer Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science 1 Jan 2020
Strain Controlled Rheometer Dept. of Chemical Engineering 31 Dec 2019
Multi Component Force Dynamometer Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 31 Dec 2019
Acid Purification System Department of Earth Science 30 Dec 2019
Automotive Exhaust Gas Analyser Energy Science & Engg., IIT(B) 27 Dec 2019
Vector Network Analyser Centre for Studies in Resources Engineering(CSRE) 26 Dec 2019
System for measuring Interfacial Rheology using Oscillating drop technique Dept. of Chemical Engineering 20 Dec 2019
AMC for RAITH 150 TWO Electrical Engineering 19 Dec 2019
Mechanised Road cleaning work contract (2019-2020) Public Health Office 19 Dec 2019
Lab Scale PECVD System Dept of Electrical Engg.,IIT(B) 18 Dec 2019
Demolition of old SBI building located near main gate and foot over bridge located at east side of Mechanical Department in IIT Bombay. ESTATE OFFICE 17 Dec 2019
Optical Microscope with Hot Stage Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science 16 Dec 2019
IR Thermal Camera Mechanical Engineering Department 16 Dec 2019
Dual Beam Focused Electron Ion Beam Facility CRNTS/ SAIF 12 Dec 2019
Photomultiliers, Time Harp and QuCoa Dept of Electrical Engg.,IIT(B) 9 Dec 2019
Electrochemical Workstation (Potentiostat) Dept. of Electrical Engineering 9 Dec 2019