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Tenders Archive

Title Division Due date
Confocal Laser Raman- Photoluminescence spectrometer Metallurgical Engg. and Materials Science 3 Feb 2020
Upright Reflected Light Microscope Physics Engineering 31 Jan 2020
Research Grade Benchtop ESR Spectrometer Dept of Chemistry, IIT Bombay 30 Jan 2020
Scalable Storage Server IDP in Climate Studies 29 Jan 2020
High Speed Imaging Camera Mechanical Engineering 29 Jan 2020
Infortrend Eonstor GS 3000 Computer Centre, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 28 Jan 2020
Walk-In PV Module Test Chamber Dept. of Electrical Engineering 27 Jan 2020
Computing Nodes Chemistry department 24 Jan 2020
RFP for Outsourcing of Pharmacy for IIT(B) Hospital. Materials Management Division 24 Jan 2020
Compute Node using Supermicro 1028GQ-TR Dept. of Chemical Engineering 24 Jan 2020
sCOMS Camera Detector Chemistry Department 23 Jan 2020
Hydrogen Generator Chemistry department 22 Jan 2020
Optical Microscope and Stereomicroscope Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science 22 Jan 2020
UV Vis NIR Spectrophotometer IDP in Climate Studies 21 Jan 2020
TLC Interfaced Mass Spectrometer Dept of Chemistry, IIT Bombay 21 Jan 2020
High voltage power supply unit for VERSA 520 Mechanical Engineering 21 Jan 2020
Photonic Curing System Energy Science and Engineering 13 Jan 2020
Absorption Desorption Setup Dept. of Chemical Engineering 10 Jan 2020
Capillary Rheometer Dept. of Chemical Engineering 10 Jan 2020
Soil Pressure Transducer Dept Of Civil Engineering 9 Jan 2020