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Tenders Archive

Title Division Due date
Nd : YAG Laser Department of Mechanical Enginering 28 Feb 2020
Closed Cycle 12T superconducting Magnet refrigerator along with Measurement probes Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science 28 Feb 2020
B1500AU Upgrade Kit for Semiconductor Device Analyzer Mainframe Dept. of Electrical Engineering 28 Feb 2020
Wirecut EDM for Medical Applications Mechanical Engg. Dept. 27 Feb 2020
Injection Moulding Machine System for Medical Applications Mechanical Engg. Dept. 27 Feb 2020
N2 Generator with Compressor Chemistry Department 27 Feb 2020
AMC of Controller and WiFi Access Points with 3 years Support Computer Centre 25 Feb 2020
Monowave 200 Microwave Dept. of Energy Science & Engg. 25 Feb 2020
Dilatational Interfacial Rheology Physics Department 24 Feb 2020
EL/PL Camera for solar cells Dept. of Energy Science & Engg. 20 Feb 2020
Computer Nodes Dept. of Chemistry 19 Feb 2020
Renovation of Toilet Blocks at Hostel No. 02. ESTATE OFFICE 18 Feb 2020
Spectrometer and Accessories Dept of Electrical Engg.,IIT(B) 13 Feb 2020
Tools for Solar Oven Department of Industrial Design Centre 13 Feb 2020
ENVI Image processing software Centre of Studies in Resources Engg. 13 Feb 2020
Dynamic Light Scattering set up with software Dept. of Physics 13 Feb 2020
Computational facility with uninterrupted power supply Dept of Chemical Engineering 12 Feb 2020
3-Axis Angular Motion Simulator Dept of Aerospace Engineering 11 Feb 2020
Laser Raman Spectroscopy Dept. of Electrical Engineering 7 Feb 2020
Linear motor with CNC controller Department of Mechanical Engineering 6 Feb 2020